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Paul Crowley
1 May 1971
London, United Kingdom
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City of London School - Tower Hamlets England - Greater London UK (1982 - 1989)
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aaron sorkin, atheism, badgers, bayes theorem, bdsm, bicon, bisexuality, bondage, censorship resistant social networking, cluechalking, consequentialism, cop shoot cop, corsets, crossdressing, cryptanalysis, cryptography, cryptology, daniel dennett, debian, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, drapetomania, dysethesia aethiopica, eliezer yudkowsky, existential risk, fast software encryption, gigantor, greg egan, horatii, iain banks, ignosticism, igtheism, jake the rake, laurie anderson, lemurs in the rain, less wrong,, linux, mark sandman, naked bisexual oil wrestling, neal stephenson, nine inch nails, overcoming bias, paul crowley ranting, polyamory, pop will eat itself, python, rationality, replacing livejournal, richard dawkins, siai, slimelight, smelling like hammers, socialism, stream ciphers, the checkbox tyranny resistance, the west wing, trust metrics, trustflow, unix, whgoga, whitby gothic weekend, zzzother things not listed
Cryptography and sexual politics. Check out my homepage for more info.

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