April 17th, 2005


Monotone (geek)

I've been very good and not done a geeky update for a while, so here's a geek update for you:

The revision control system Monotone seems to have got nearly everything right, bar a few details (eg some of the crypto). I hope they mean it about those low version numbers, and will be happy to keep making incompatible changes until they're sure they have the Right Thing. It's very impressive.
caricature, Ergotia's bitch

Advice: inflating wheelchair tyres

A recently wheelchair-using friend is finding that a bicycle pump doesn't seem to fit her wheelchair tyres, and they are slowly getting flatter and flatter. She mentions that she once had the tyres inflated from the compressed air at a garage, but I know that if I take the chair to a garage they will have no idea what to do or whether I'm in danger of blowing the tyres up. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!