Paul Crowley (ciphergoth) wrote,
Paul Crowley

Going to the Bay Area in three months!

In the afternoon of Thursday 19th July, I'll be boarding a plane that will ultimately take me to SFO airport. I'll be attending the Center for Modern Rationality minicamp, then staying in the Bay Area with the marvellous [personal profile] shevek for at least some of the time until my flight back in the afternoon of Sunday 5th August. EEEEEEEEEE!

Three days after I return to the UK, I leave for BiCon. I'll be spending two of those days in the office. So I'm going to have to have everything totally lined up for BiCon before I go!

  • Renew passport
  • Sort out forms for the visa waiver program
  • Book post-flight hotel
  • Travel insurance
  • Order a credit card
  • Book for BiCon
  • Plan what I'm wearing for BiCon - find it all now
  • Book hair dye, haircut, leg wax, eyebrow threading appointments before trip
  • Add hold luggage to my flights - do I need to do anything here? Email says "Baggage is 1PC + 7Kg (Hand Baggage)" but Delta's page on checked baggage seems to indicate I get one free 23kg bag...

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